What does your business need to prevent retail theft? – Atlanta Georgia

Managers and loss prevention professionals alike around the world ask themselves “how can we better prevent retail theft?”

Let me tell you, from experience, this is a task..

You have to look at two other factors when thinking of ways to prevent retail theft. Inventory shrinkage and inventory loss prevention. If you have shoplifters, then you certainly have inventory shrinkage.  As well, if you want to enforce an inventory loss prevention program, then the goal should be to prevent retail theft.

Ok, so let me try and make it sound less confusing, because it can actually be pretty simple. You have retail theft and inventory shrinkage, and you wanna prevent retail theft and create inventory loss prevention. Start with the basics. How is your business suffering from inventory shrinkage? Is the merchandise making it to the store through receiving, but not making it through the point of sale? Dig deep and find at the very least, HOW the merchandise is disappearing. If it comes into the store as expected, then it can leave the store in a couple of different ways including… employees steal it, shoplifters steal it, or vendors steal it.

In the efforts of preventing retail theft and reducing shrinkage , your store should bring in a loss prevention consultant for specific recommendations. Ideally, you’d want an in house loss prevention program developed to immediately curtail inventory shrinkage and prevent retail theft . This can be done by conducting inventory loss prevention investigations on potential dishonest employees (every retailer has these), shoplifters and vendor fraud. Since it is estimated that 50% to as high as 70% of all losses of retailers can be directly attributed to dishonest employees and 30% to 50% is related to shoplifters, you’d be safe be focusing on these two areas.

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