Ways to Prevent Retail Theft in Fitting Rooms – Atlanta Georgia

 If you own retail clothing stores then chances are you have fitting rooms; if you have fitting rooms then you need to be aware of the ways to prevent retail theft inside of them. An unmanned, unwatched fitting room is a shoplifters dream. They have all the time and privacy necessary to discreetly conceal your merchandise, either on their person or in a bag, and exit without anyone being the wiser. The problem is to eliminate fitting rooms altogether means to also eliminate convenience for your legitimate customers. So, how do we combat this problem?

 First of all keep fitting room doors locked when not in use. Limit the number of items allowed to be taken into the fitting rooms. Post a sign that directs customers to see a sales associate before taking items into a fitting room. Issue color coded tickets or tags to indicate the number of items taken into fitting rooms. Use a return rack for unwanted items, and post signs in fitting rooms warning against shoplifting.

 Lastly, train your sales associates in the art of “killing them with kindness”. Post a fitting room attendant whenever possible and instruct them to inquire about each person’s selections. If they are a legitimate customer it’s just good customer service. If they’re a potential shoplifter it makes them aware that the store associate is watching and knows every piece of merchandise they went in with and every piece they came out with. The best way to prevent retail theft is to make the potential shoplifter afraid to commit a crime in your establishment. There are plenty of other retailers who don’t go through these lengths. Shoplifters know this and will take their crimes somewhere it is easier to go unnoticed. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to prevent retail theft in your fitting rooms.

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