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Whether you’re a big box retailer or a small mom and pop operation inventory shrinkage is a continuing problem. This problem must be dealt with quickly and decisively if you hope to protect your company’s profit margin. There are several different causes of inventory shrinkage . Lazy bookkeeping is a fairly common culprit, but even more common is the individuals, whether customers or employees, who take it upon themselves to institute their own “five finger discount”, eroding your profits and damaging your company’s chances of success.

 When it comes to shoplifters preventing inventory shrinkage is a matter of making your store as unattractive to the shoplifter as possible without alienating your legitimate customers. How do you do that? Start off by having someone on the sales floor at least 80% of the day. Train employees to greet every customer who enters their department and make frequent eye contact with customers who choose to browse on their own. Finally, lower the height of cash register displays and maintain clear sightlines from the cashier to the sales floor.  Use mirrors and bright lighting to keep back corners in view. Seems simple, I know, but what these tips do is allow you to provide your customers with outstanding customer service – the one thing a shoplifter definitely doesn’t want.

Another major cause of inventory shrinkage is employee theft. Here are a few tips to keeping your employees honest: Be behind the counter to authorize a void or over ring, making sure to watch for potential trouble, such as bagged merchandise that could be handed off to someone, money not in the correct slot in the till or too much in the cash drawer. Don’t allow employees to ring-up or wrap their own purchases. Provide employees with shelves or lockers to stow personal belongings. Don’t allow bags or backpacks on the sales floor. These simple tips will ensure that employees know that you’re are aware of the threat and are always on the lookout for it. This will help you to minimize your company’s inventory shrinkage .

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