Using CCTV to Prevent Retail Theft – Atlanta Georgia

In my humble opinion one of the best ways to prevent retail theft is with the proper use of a closed circuit television system, or CCTV. I say “proper use” because you can have 100 cameras placed throughout your company, but if nobody is watching them what purpose are they really serving? If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it… never mind, I think you get the idea. You will always need a trained set of eyes attached to your CCTV system to properly prevent retail theft .

Several organizations employ a two-man system in which one person watches the cameras while another is responsible for floor surveillance. In this system you ensure that continuous surveillance of a suspect can always be maintained. If the subject should happen to make their way into a blind spot, (somewhere where camera coverage is limited or impossible) floor surveillance can pick them up and maintain visual contact until they come back into camera view. This limits the chances for non-productive recoveries and potential liability for your company.

Technology has increased greatly in the last few years and most CCTV systems are now digitally recorded, versus the old school videotape method of years past. Placing cameras above each of your cash registers serves as both a great deterrent to employee theft and a great asset to any employee theft investigations that should arise. There are many different tools at your disposal in your attempts to prevent retail theft ; the CCTV system is just one.

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