Tips to Prevent Theft within Your Organization – Atlanta Georgia

There are a number of ways to prevent theft within your organization and with a little common sense and ingenuity I promise you’ll be able to reduce your company’s inventory shrinkage . Let’s start at the beginning with employee background checks. Everyone from your Director of Operations to the guy/ girl who takes out the trash at night should undergo and extensive screening of their criminal and labor history. Credit checks are also a good way of determining a person’s level of personal responsibility. After all, if I can’t take care of my own money I’m probably not going to do a very good job at taking care of yours. 

Next is my personal favorite: cameras. Install an effective and operational CCTV system in your place of business. Place cameras in plain sight. True, nobody likes to know that “big brother” is watching their every move, but they enjoy the prospect of being taken out in handcuffs even less. Say what you want to but fear is a great deterrent. EAS, or Electronic Article Surveillance, is another excellent way to prevent theft in your company. Audit everything from your receiving processes to the way merchandise gets moved to the sales floor to the way its handle at the point of sale. If your company has a process there’s a way to check it to make sure it’s being handled properly. Do so, and do it regularly and vigilantly.

Lastly, there’s no reason for everyone and their Aunt Gretchen to have the combination to your safe. Limit access and keep an up to date log of everyone who has that access. If someone happens to quit or be terminated, change the combination immediately and update your log accordingly. These are just a few tips and strategies that I’ve found useful over the years. Take heed and they will help you prevent theft within your organization.

Do not let your inventory shrinkage put YOU out of business!

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