Tactics to Prevent Retail Theft – Atlanta Georgia

Every business owner who opens his doors to the public is concerned, or certainly should be, with how to prevent retail theft . It’s a two-edged sword – in order to make a profit in the retail business you need people to frequent your establishment; however, every person that steps into your store is a potential threat to that bottom line that is infinitely important. What do you do? Here are a few pointers that may help you keep a handle on things within your store.

Be vigilant in your pricing. Loosely controlled pricing procedures can leave you open to huge losses both internally and externally. Only certain individuals should be allowed to set prices and mark merchandise, and all pricing should be done by machine or controlled rubber stamp. Price switching is a common way that shoplifters will try to gouge you. The next thing you know an item that should have costs $100 just walked out the door for $19.99. Who eats that loss? You got it, you do!

Also, keep an eye out for fraudulent refunds. There are many cases where an individual comes in and buys a coat. The next week they come back in, select the very same coat from the rack and go up to the refund counter with what appears to be a valid receipt to get their money back. If you’re not careful you just gave away a free coat. Keep your refund counter near the entrance and train your associates to be aware of what an individual walks into the store carrying and what they pick up while inside.

It can be tricky to prevent retail theft . After all, the thief has nothing else to do with their time but try to figure out how to hustle you out of your money and merchandise. You, on the other hand, have a business to run and legitimate customers to support and supply. However, employing just a few of these tips at the onset can save you a great deal of heartache and even more greenbacks. Spread the word, it’s everyone’s job to prevent retail theft 

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