Some people are just naive…

So you never know what is going to happen when you make a shoplifting apprehension. Sometimes it can get physical.  Sometimes, it just gets really, really weird.

 My agent and I made an apprehension that seemed pretty normal to start with. A man came into our tool department and picked up about $500 dollars in tools. He then went back to the plumbing department and found himself a bathtub.

 He then hid the tools, retail anti-theft devices and all, in the bathtub and went to check out. After he paid for the tub (and no tools) we made the apprehension.

 Later we got a call from the lady he was doing some contract work for. She wanted to know if she vouched for him, if we would drop the charges. Really?

 She then mailed out a letter to our store stating what a great guy he was, and how she was in awe that he would do this. She even showed up to the court hearing.

 She came up to me and started asking my advice on what to do, and wondered why his lawyer wasn’t there. (Yes, she was asking MY ADVICE!!!) I had to explain that she should probably go and call his lawyer and that I wasn’t in a position to be offering him (or her) advice on how to proceed.

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