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Inventory shrinkage can occur in almost any aspect of your business.  I recently interviewed an employee that was a cashier.  She was not stealing any merchandise, and she made sure to tell me that in the interview. 

However, she was cashiering for a friend who shopped in our store, and for that friend, she provided a healthy discount.  The employee did not ring up most of what the friend brought to her register, so in about three months nearly $1000 worth of merchandise had left the store without being paid for.
This employee believed that she herself did not steal, and told me that she would “never do that.”  She believed that she was helping a friend, when in fact she was creating inventory shrinkage for her employer.  She justified the theft because she felt the loss would not hurt the business.

This is not an uncommon scenario. Inventory shrinkage caused by employees can lead to more lost profit and total dollars per case than the customers that choose to shoplift.  Businesses that have an inventory loss prevention program in place benefit from these initiatives by preventing theft before it occurs, or by identifying the loss quickly after it does occur.

Additionally, inventory loss prevention programs can act as a deterrent to employees, to help them realize that it is not worth the risk to steal from your business.

When an employee realizes that there are loss prevention personnel who monitor every aspect of the store, watching for any sign or theft or inventory shrinkage , then they may think twice before choosing to steal from you.

Shrink your inventory shrinkage , and boost your profits: prevent retail theft in your business.

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