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This latest economic downturn has found many business owners caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand they are looking for innovative ways to cut costs to make up for sluggish sales. Those cuts range from payroll reduction to narrowing of business hours to, unfortunately, loss prevention cuts. Theft is on the rise due to people being hit hard economically, cutting loss prevention investments at this time is a huge risk.

As a Loss Prevention Consultant I find myself in a constant battle to keep business owners from cutting the only tools they have to deter theft. The professional shoplifters see this as their chance to take full advantage of any and all businesses that make cuts thus causing even more loss and requiring even more cuts to save the business. This is when I usually receive the frantic call for help. By the time I enter the picture the business owner is on the slippery slope to Armageddon. The challenge to me has been to convince these business owners that they have to spend some money for the purchase of retail anti-shoplifting tools stop the free flow of loss via shrink.

Trying to sell retail anti-theft devices while the economy is so bad can be a challenge unless you can properly articulate the issues the business is facing and tie them to real world anti shoplifting solutions.

When I receive the initial call I immediately set up a meeting with the owner to do a walkthrough of the business and then a detailed review of the inventory results for the past four inventory cycles. This allows me to correlate category losses to the physical salesfloor. At that point I am able to pinpoint weak spots where product is leaving the store. Once I put together the summary of where I suspected losses occurred the owners are open to see the solutions I put forward. Most of the time the businesses that have the largest losses do not have an EAS (electronic article surveillance) system, or they have one that they do not use due to tags and labels being to expensive.


While doing my own homework to find retail security tools that are both effective and inexpensive I came across a company called RBC Security Solutions. This company is the epitome of flexibility within a constantly changing economy. The executives at this company saw the changes within the retail world and instead of running away they decided to find ways to address loss in an affordable way. The biggest coup was the fact that they found a way to develop inexpensive EAS labels and tags that are compatible with Checkpoint EAS systems. This is huge considering many small retailers not only cut back payroll but also either drastically cut the amount of product to be tagged within their stores or shut the EAS system down completely.

Though in the short term it may have appeared to save the company money, once the first inventory cycle hit it became apparent that the money saved was dwarfed by the loss incurred by shrink which is compounded by the loss of sales. Being able to show a business owner the difference in cost between the checkpoint tags and the RBC Security Solution tags (which are manufactured here in the USA) is a huge opportunity to cater to small businesses that are struggling to survive. RBC Security Solutions is a great example of American capitalism.

Visit RBC Security Solutions for Checkpoint Compatible retail Anti-Shoplifting or retail Anti- theft Devices that can help you with your Retail Security needs like Cheap Tags and Cheap Labels. Our Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS Labels and Tags are not cheap they are inexpensive and made in the U.S.

For more information on how you can use retail Anti- theft Devices in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system to help you prevent retail theft in your business with products like Cheap Tags and Cheap Labels contact us.

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