Retailers use security tags on merchandise prevent theft and boost profits

Using security tags on merchandise will prevent theft and boost net profit margins by as much as 10%.  It is simple math, the less product that is lost to shoplifting and employee theft, the less the cost of those losses effect net profits.  To prevent theft may be the most efficient way for retailers to make more money without having to sell more product.

Let’s face it, today’s economy is challenging to just about everyone and raising prices to make up for lost profits just doesn’t make sense.  Consumer demand is lower and retail prices are falling due to the mega retailers’ buying power driving the market down.

For example, three out of six of the top retail theft targets (according to the National Retail Security Survey) are the clothing segments: women’s, men’s and children’s. So clothing retailers who keep what they have on the racks and shelves through tactics to prevent theft will reduce losses AND increase profits. 

Security tags on merchandise are an instant visual deterrent to shoplifters.  They can only be removed with a specific device at the cash out station.  Checkpoint Security Systems offers tags in a variety of shapes and sizes both in “hard tag” or “soft tag” varieties.

Checkpoint soft tags are stickers which are called “labels” with a very aggressive adhesive on the back.  Theses checkpoint labels are applied to the product’s packaging, hidden in the product somewhere or even sewn in place totally out of sight. Checkpoint hard tags are a dense plastic type of material held on to the clothing with  a pin or a steel string. 

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