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Nearly 50% of all inventory shrinkage comes from employee theft. In case you’ve been out of touch for some time, inventory shrinkage is the difference between book inventory (the amount of merchandise the company says you should have on hand) and actual inventory (the amount of merchandise that’s actually in the store).

Even if you feel you don’t have much of a problem with employee theft I encourage you to employ these methods. You may feel differently in a very short time.

Keep the back door to your business locked and alarmed at all times. This goes for any loading docks that aren’t actively in use as well. An employee simply taking merchandise out the back door is one of the most common ways employee theft occurs. Have a member of management inspect the garbage before it’s taken out. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Review your CCTV recordings on a regular basis, and more importantly make sure everyone knows that you review them regularly. Have a member of management review your register transactions every day. Check your voided or cancelled sales reports as well as your returned transactions and inventory adjustments reports.

Make sure that everyone within your organization knows that these practices are taking place. Remember, our goal here is to reduce inventory shrinkage . It’s great when we can catch a thief, but the hard truth is we rarely ever catch them on their 1st time and once merchandise is gone it’s probably gone forever. We want to deter the theft before it takes place. Make the would-be thieves think twice, knowing that you are vigilant and dedicated to reducing inventory shrinkage.

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