Prevent theft and boost profits

Business owners have to find a way to prevent theft within their businesses.  The more theft and inventory shrinkage a business experiences, the less profit it will achieve.  Utilizing various loss prevention techniques will be very profitable in the long run.

Employees need to be taught to provide good customer service to all customers, but especially to those that may be acting suspiciously.  The one thing a potential shoplifter does not want is attention, so employees need to make sure they provide plenty of it if they suspect theft.  Employees also must keep their eyes up while working in their areas, watching for suspicious activity.  Alert employees can also be a strong theft deterrent.

Another strategy to prevent theft is proper controls.  This protects the business’s assets from not only the customer, but also from the employees.  Controls can be secured keys for locked cases and doors, key check out and log procedures, changing room monitoring – any type of consistent intervention to prevent the opportunity for a theft to occur.

Additionally,  a business owner can prevent theft by looking at his sales floor the way a shoplifter may view it.  Where is a good place to conceal merchandise, where an employee will not see me?  Is there a corner where the cameras are not facing?  Is there a tall rack or shelf that I can hide behind?  Where can I see employee’s but where they cannot see me?  Is there no one working near the restrooms so I can just take merchandise in there to steal?  When a business owner thinks like a thief, he or she will be able to prevent theft in the business by taking away the opportunity to steal.

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