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Every retailer knows that you must prevent retail theft if you have any hope of staying in business. At the National Retail Federation’s Loss Prevention Conference & Expo this year Dr. Richard Hollinger revealed the results of his latest annual National Retail Security Survey. According to his calculations, US retailers lost more than $41 billion last year due to four major sources of inventory shrinkage : vendor fraud, administrative errors, shoplifting and employee theft; the last two accounting for almost 80% of all of the losses.

Most experts agree that if you really want to prevent retail theft it all starts with having well-trained and alert employees. They all need to know how to spot a potential shoplifter. Shoplifters tend to seem nervous, avoid eye contact, wander throughout the store without buying anything, or leave and return frequently within a short period of time. Your employees need to be alert and vigilant at all times. They should be friendly and polite to all customers, and keep the sales floor neat and orderly. Shoplifters love clutter, it makes it easier to disguise their wrong-doing.

When shoplifting is suspected, it’s crucial for your employees to know how to handle incidents. Never directly accuse anyone of stealing. Give the person a chance to pay for the item they “forgot” to pay for by asking, “Are you ready to pay for that?” or “Would you like a bag for that?” Above all, teach your employees to never try to physically stop a shoplifter. Call security or loss prevention. This past June a Kmart loss-prevention specialist was shot and killed while trying to stop a suspected shoplifter. If you’re not trained to intercept shoplifters, don’t even try it!

Make sure your employees understand that shrink is everyone’s responsibility and that a team effort is required to prevent retail theft .

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