Misdirection is Key!

Some shoplifters find it easier to work with an accomplice, or group of accomplices. One of the reasons why is the important use of misdirection. If a shoplifter has an accomplice to misdirect the attention of employees, or other customers, they increase their chances of getting away without being noticed.

 To prevent retail theft from happening in your store, it helps to know how this misdirection can occur.

 One of the most common methods is blocking. While one of the shoplifters is trying to defeat the anti-theft devices, or is starting to conceal the desired merchandise, another shoplifter will block them. They may pretend to be looking at a shirt, large box, or a towel, whatever is handy, and hold it up in front of them, as a visual shield.

 Another common technique is to have the accomplice distract the store employees while the shoplifter conceals or exits with the stolen product. The accomplice may ask unending questions, or even fake an injury or accident to clear the way.

 While there are times you might not be able to tie the two together, being aware of what is going on around the distractions can play a key role in preventing retail theft using accomplices.

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