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Advice on how to prevent theft comes from many different avenues. A manager tells his boss how he thinks theft can be prevented. A store cashier tells their manager how to prevent theft.

Preventing theft seems like an easy task. Lots of new retailers make this mistake. Preventing theft is not an easy task. Many inexperienced retailers look to anti-theft devices to secure merchandise without investigating the true costs of these devices. Locking peg hooks, locked glass cabinets, cabling systems and others are all great theft preventers, however, they also prevent sales and profit if you don’t have the employee hours to properly staff and respond to these secured items. Customers don’t want to wait around while the two employees in the store ringing on the register finish. They want the merchandise now!

To prevent theft , we have to look at the main causes, customers and employees. As most loss prevention professionals will tell you, employee theft causes more loss than customer theft. This is widely true with the exception being inner city stores with high customer foot traffic. These stores tend to see more customer theft than employee theft. I work for a company with just that problem. The regular customer from the low-income area the store is located, enters the store daily and “steals” his regular provisions. Whether its beer, liquor, razors or other high value merchandise, he takes it. We also get the organized crime or “booster teams” that work these stores. Taking merchandise with a high street resale value like razors, liquor, baby formulas and other items, these boosters quickly resell them to other vendors.

Issues like these need professional help. Loss Prevention professionals can help prevent theft . Local police departments are overwhelmed with work and don’t really have the time or resources to focus on issues of retail theft.

If your store is having theft issues and you are looking to prevent it, my recommendations… higher a loss prevention agent.

For more information on preventing theft, contact use at prevent theft or call 1.866.914.2567 – Atlanta

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