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I work for your business. You trust me to work hard and be honest.  You pay me for my work, and my work helps your business make money.But something is wrong.

You begin to notice inventory shrinkage . Even though you have established inventory loss prevention procedures in place, a loss is still occurring.  When you begin to look into the causes of the loss, you figure out that it is an employee…me.

I see an easy way to obtain merchandise or cash without having to work hard for it.  You have a large company, while I’m just an employee making barely over minimum wage.  You owe me more, so I’m just going to take it.
Unfortunately, this scenario is much too common.

Employee theft costs businesses more each year than customer theft.  (shoplifting.)  In a perfect world all of your employees would be the honest and trustworthy folk that you hired them to be…but that is simply not the case.

The reasons an employee may cause inventory shrinkage by stealing from your business are many.  There are justifications such as the loss is small and won’t be missed or noticed.  Also, the employee may be experiencing peer pressure to steal from you.  Friends may be asking the employee to take something from you, because it “is easy” and he or she “can get away with it.”

Inventory loss prevention procedures can help deter and prevent employee theft.  Reducing or eliminating the opportunity for your employees to steal goes far in reducing your inventory shrinkage .  Just as you secure your merchandise and provide good customer service on your sales floor, you as the business owner need to have your backroom merchandise secured and accounted for as well.  Also, appreciate your employees and make sure you or your managers have interaction with your employees every day.  Just as a shoplifter does not want attention, neither does an employee that is stealing from you.

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