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  Inventory shrinkage can come from a number of ways, but shoplifting is one of the main ways that a retailer can lose merchandise. As an employer you should constantly be educating your associates on ways they can help control shrink and improve your bottom line. Give them incentives; make them feel that it’s their store as well rather than just a place to work. Your managers and supervisors should keep employees aware and alert by holding periodic training sessions teaching the employees what to look for.

 In order to control inventory shrinkage employees should watch for people with loose or baggy clothing inappropriate for the weather, and people with large bags, purses or other props, such as newspapers, strollers, briefcases, or umbrellas that can easily conceal merchandise. They should also be aware of shoplifter’s tactics to confuse and distract you.  Shoplifters will often work in teams. One person will create a disturbance, such as complaining loudly, staging a fight, or knocking over merchandise, to draw attention away from the other who will then proceed to conceal the merchandise while the associate is distracted.

Teach your associates to watch the customer’s eyes. After all, they’re supposed to be shopping right? If they’re staring at you then they either need help or they’re waiting for you to become preoccupied with some other task so that they can either begin or continue concealing merchandise. Lastly, make sure the sales floor is always covered. Schedule an individual to cover breaks, lunches, bathroom breaks, etc. It only takes a few seconds for a shoplifter to conceal merchandise and be out the door. Don’t give them the opportunity. Stress to your associates that it’s everyone’s job to prevent inventory shrinkage .

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