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The fact is that even when we know it’s going on it’s still rather difficult to prevent theft in the workplace for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons I’ve found is that often times employees don’t fully understand what constitutes theft. Sometimes they feel as if they’re just borrowing the merchandise, or delaying payment for it. Other times they feel that the item is so small or insignificant that you, the employer, “won’t miss it”. 

The other day I approached a cashier. We’ll call her Jane (simply because that’s not her name). Jane’s eyes got as big as saucers when she saw me coming and she struggled to swallow down something she was chewing. I asked, in a semi-joking fashion, “Did you bring enough to share with the class?” She immediately responded, “Oh, it was just a candy bar. I was gonna pay for it when I went on break.” It took me 15 minutes to explain to Jane that even though she may have intended to pay for the candy, the fact that she had consumed it before actually rendering payment constituted theft. Jane was flabbergasted. 

I’ve actually seen employees go into the register, take out $40 bucks on Thursday and replace it on Friday after they get paid. They thought nothing of this practice because their intent was not to steal. The problem is they, like Jane, never really understood what constituted theft. It’s your job as an employer to establish easily understood rules and guidelines and to enforce those rules vigorously. Do this and you’ll be able to prevent theft in your workplace much easier.

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