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In the field of Loss Prevention one of our most important duties is to prevent retail theft . Therefore, it’s not surprising that we take it extremely serious; it is also not surprising to find that some of us have been known to go overboard or cut corners in an attempt to make an apprehension or two. Let’s be honest, thieves don’t have any rules, that’s why they’re thieves. They’re not particularly adept at following the standards and by-laws of a normal society. We, however, do have rules; we have quite a few of them. If we choose not to follow those rules, for even the most righteous of reasons, how are we any better than the thieves?

I worked with this guy once who we’ll call Ben. Ben was awesome! I’ve never known another person with a better eye for theft or more zeal to prevent retail theft than Ben. One day he spotted this middle aged woman who had taken a handful of jewelry into the fitting room with her. The company we worked for had a strict rule that no apprehensions were to be made once an individual went into a fitting room. Ben simply couldn’t stand by and allow an obvious theft (and it was pretty obvious) to take place. So, disregarding the company policy, Ben watched the woman as she exited the fitting room and made the apprehension once she exited the store. He recovered the merchandise and the woman was arrested and cited for retail theft. Ben was terminated several days later for violation of company policy.

Why? Because rules and regulations are there for a reason; and more often than not when it comes to those of us who are charged to prevent retail theft they are there to protect us from harm or the company from costly lawsuits. Ben lost sight of the ultimate goal and paid a sad price. We are here to ultimately reduce shrink within an organization. Our attempts to prevent retail theft must always be in support of that final goal.

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