Best way to fix theft is to prevent theft

 Sounds simple that the best way to fix theft is to prevent theft, but there are several options and many businesses often try less effective solutions for the problems they are having and do not get the results they expect.

The most popular theft prevention is probably a burglar alarm.  Burglar alarms are for when you are not there.  In the case of burglary an alarm sounds, and the police are dispatched.  But recent smash and grab rings are proving that a burglar alarm may not be the best way to  prevent theft, at least from organized retail crime.

Second most popular solution is probably a camera system or CCTV.  A CCTV system will deter some theives, but again it is a opassive solutiuon and will only watch things as they happen.  The facility owner will be able to pull up a video record on the DVR if they have one and it is not out in the open where the theives can take it. 

Another popular solution for retailers to prevent theft is the use of an EAS elctronic artiscle security system like a Checkpoint Security System.  These systems are considered active because they are watching product in the store via security tags applied to the merchandise.  And when the merchandise that is tagged gets close to the doorway the alarm goes off to catch the theif in the act.

Each situation is unique and for the base use of invested dollars into a loss prevention product or service, call a professional loss prevention consultant like Loss Prevention Systems.  A professional can asses your situation and recommend the most cost effectve path to solving your problem.  Don’t waste money with trial and error.

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